Okay here is the lineup for this weekend!

Quick Version

Friday Night – Urbanized Tower Theater @ 5:30p

Saturday Night – Tower Heist, UA Clovis Towne Center 8 @ 5:00p

Detailed Version

Friday Night – Urbanized Tower Theater @ 5:30p

This is an OPTIONAL movie cost is $10 – Again this is not the main movie that will be held on Saturday.

Synopsis – This American independent documentary frames a global discussion on the future of cities. Who is allowed to shape our cities? How do they do it? And how does the design of our cities affect our lives? The movie explores a diverse range of urban design projects in dozens of cities around the world, from massive infrastructure to temporary interventions. Featuring some of the world’s foremost architects, planners, policymakers, and thinkers, including the extraordinary citizens who have affected change in their communities. Directed by Gary Hustwit, it is the final documentary in his design film trilogy that includes “Helvetica” and “Objectified.”

Dinner – Dinner is planned to be at Pino which is a new wine / tapas bar next to the theatre or we will head over to Million if people don’t want to goto Pino.


Trailer – Urbanized

Saturday Night – Tower Heist, UA Clovis Towne Center 8 @ 5:00p

Main Feature movie for 1/14, movie cost is $3.50 yes, it went up folks.

SynopsisJosh Kovaks has managed one of the most luxurious and well-secured residences in New York City for more than a decade. In the swankiest unit atop Josh’s building, Wall Street titan Arthur Shaw is under house arrest after being caught stealing two billion from his investors. The hardest hit among those he defrauded? The tower staffers whose pensions he was entrusted to manage. With only days before Arthur gets away with the perfect crime, Josh’s crew turns to petty crook Slide to plan the nearly impossible…to steal what they are sure is hidden in Arthur’s guarded condo. Though amateurs, these rookie thieves know the building better than anyone. Turns out they’ve been casing the place for years, they just didn’t know it.

Dinner – We will be having dinner at “I love Sushi” after the movie!


Trailer – Tower Heist