The new year is upon us. I know everyone has been busy for the holiday’s and of all people I’ve been busy as well. I think December was the busiest month of all for me this year. As I was sitting down to recap the 2011 year and formulating a plan for 2012 I realized how much of an impact/success I had in 2011. I can only imagine how much better 2012 can be!

As some of you may or may not know personal growth is a huge thing for me as I think it should be for everyone. I attended a conference down in LA called the New Years Mental Cleanse that was put on Byron Katie. Let me tell you I don’t think my brain has been more cleansed ever before. The reason I bring Byron Katie up is that I think her work “The Work” could be useful to EVERYONE. I’m currently in talks with Katie to see if she would be willing to hold a specific LGBT event. I’m hopeful that I can get Katie to host such an event, but if not I know I will be successful at getting her support in putting together a workshop to share her work with everyone. I encourage everyone to check out Katie’s website at, her work has forever changed my life!

So what are your plans for 2012? Do you have or need an accountability partner? For me accountability has been a challenge at different points in my life. Ever write something down on your New Years Resolution list like “Keep finances on track to buy a new home in 20XX”? Well I’ve been there, done that and still don’t have my house. With that said I’m calling 2012 the year of Accountability. I’m willing to help 2 or 3 people keep on track with their 2012 goals thru monthly telephone, Skype or e-mail or even in person meetings. I say I can only take on 2 – 3 people as I don’t want to over commit myself. I was thinking if we can each take on 2 or 3 friends to help them monthly to keep on track just think of how much more positive of an outcome we can have for 2012 as a whole! I think the key to making this work would be to keep the Resolutions / Goals simple and obtainable within your means. I have some guide lines below let me know what you think.

  1. Meet in person once a month with your accountability partner
    • Skype, e-Mail, Phone conversations could be a backup method.
    • Meeting Locations : Starbux, Revue, Library, Lunch, Teazer’s
  2. Exchange 5 – 10 goals you would like to keep on track with for the 2012 year
    • Keep goals online via Google Docs, Dropbox or just plain e-Mail
  3. Agree how often reminders should be sent between each other
    • Weekly, Bi-Monthly, Monthly
  4. Clearly define the terms of engagement to not offend one another.
    • If you are not on track, what are the consequences if any?
    • If things between you and your accountability partner are not working, what is the exit strategy.
    • If you are tired of being reminded about a certain task how do you ask your accountability partner to back down without offending them?
Remember being held accountable can leave you with not such a “Happy, Warm and Fuzzy” feeling. I have had accountability partners that can drive you NUTS so thats why it’s important to clearly define what you are looking to be held accountable for and to what extent. Communication is key!

Happy New Year!