Interesting situation this morning — So I ran into a man in the elevator and I could sense he was upset about something. I said, “Good Morning how are you doing?” He motioned with his hand saying okay and he paused for a second and said, “I’m pissed off right now!”. For a moment I was taken back by his comment and thought, my god here I am trying to be nice in the “Awkward Space (The Elevator)” (Thanks for the name Zachary Bradley LOL) but I thought, I have to respect his feelings Ted. So I pressed, “What’s bothering you?”. None of your businesses! Wow, he was upset. He said, “I’m going to goto the gym and work it off.” “Ya, that always works for me! Are you going to go run the treadmill?” “No, I’m going to walk the treadmill as I don’t run that much!” he said as he exits the elevator and walks out the front door of the hotel.

So why am I blogging about this? Well I am kinda of proud of myself in a few areas.

1) I recognized the gentleman was in pain and instead of me standing by I actually engaged with him. Which everyone is probably saying, you always do Ted! Well yes I do sometimes, but there have been some situations where I have not said anything out of fear or un-comfortability.

2) I didn’t take on his pain or problem. Typically I would feel sorry for the person and let their mood affect my day and overanalyze their issues and try to help them. Some would say your doing it now? Okay, maybe to an extent but I feel that I’m just documenting how I felt at the moment as a reflection of his situation and my interaction. But I left his business as his business as I have my own issues I’m dealing with and I don’t need to take on someone else’s problems.

I look forward to running into him again later today to fine out how is walk went!