Back in July of 2010 I was my biggest of 225 lb. I think I might have even hit 235 lb a few times though you would have probably never known as I hid it pretty well for the most part. Thank god for being big boned! LOL

In July 2010 I was tired of the way that I felt and honestly my weight was affecting many aspects of my life. I was introduced to Joe Barnhart (my trainer) by my good friend Todd Wolfe. Since meeting Joe in 2010 I’ve been training with Joe for a-bit over one year and I have to say it’s made a world of difference in many aspects of my life not just physical! Just this weekend I finally ran out of hangers for my clothes and decided it’s probably time to clean out my closet, so I took all my fat cloths, yes I had fat clothes out of the closet and decided to donate them to the goodwill. I felt sad for a moment that I had let myself get up to a size 40 in pants and some of the shirts were XL. Cleaning the closet out really made me realize that I’ve really come a long way in such a short period of time. Yes, in just 12 short months, yes count them 1-12 I’ve succeeded to loose over 40 pounds. I’ve gone from a size 40 waist down to size 33. I’ve lost over 13% of my body fat which calculates to over 33 pounds of PURE FAT i’ve lost which now I am down to 12.4% body fat. I have my next measurements in a few days and while the measurements will probably not be as drastic there will still be a measurable improvement.

The past year has been a very exciting time for me. I feel loosing the weight and become more active was a HUGE positive step forward for me. I know that exercise and better eating habits have become more of a way of life for me than just hitting the gym Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. I feel allot better after I run 3 – 5 miles, I do that 60 mile bike ride or 545 mi. ride or workout extra hard! Everyone always says they don’t have time for the gym, but you know what? If you want it you will make the time for it! You have to as you only get one body and you defiantly only get ONE LIFE! I choose to live my life to the fullest everyday! Do I have my down days, you bet your ass I do, but you know what at least I get up, brush off the dirt, crap, bs, drama or whatever it is that got me down and I move on. My friend Adi Almani says it best… “Move on dot org” You have to hear him say it, it just cracks me up every time I hear him say

So there is my little motivational blog post for the week, it’s been a work in progress for sometime. I hope you will all join me as I do the Seismic Challenge 4.0 ( on Oct 2nd which is from Fort Brag to the Russian River. It’s a short 100 mi. ride which I’m super excited about as all the money raised goes to the SF AIDS Foundation! I plan to post pictures and might even try to do a live tracking page if I can figure out an app on my phone!


Ted – 2009/2010 (ish)

Clothes from the “fat” closet going to goodwill

The New Ted – Sept. 2011

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